Health Benefits of Chocolate




Most people don't need a reason to eat chocolate. We love the way it tastes and, honestly, it just makes us feel good.  Um, I mean happy, ecstatic, worry-free, invincible!  We’re approaching that time of year when food, especially the sweet kind, seems to be all around us, all the time. Well, you can feel better about eating chocolate from the dessert table. Really? Yes, it’s true: recent research studies indicate that chocolate can be healthy for you and not only dark chocolate—one study had favorable findings for milk chocolate lovers. Finally, something to celebrate about a food most people love.  It’s really great for someone like me who eats chocolate everyday, and I did for decades before I started making it. Now, chocolate doesn’t have to be a guilty pleasure. The infographic highlights some of the potential health benefits of eating chocolate. Cheers to healthy chocolate!


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