Chocolatier/Chef for Enthusiasts

We occasionally receive requests from chocolate enthusiasts, or on behalf of one, to customize one of our products or create something unique, often for a special gift or event like a baby or bridal shower; birthday, anniversary, or retirement party; or baptism/christening, or bar mitzvah.  Here, we provide highly personalized service.  One of our favorite examples is a client who asked us to create custom chocolates to match the items on the invitation she created for her husband’s 40th birthday celebration.  Another favorite is a client who ordered 52 chocolate chip cookies for her sister’s 52nd birthday (they are her sister’s favorite).

We love helping bring clients' sweet ideas to life and working with individuals to identify the perfect chocolate or dessert, which is why many who work with us view My Chocolate Soul® as their personal Chocolatier.

Have an idea for a gift or upcoming event, or want some suggestions?  Complete the form below and we will respond within 1 business day.