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Chocolate for the Soul with Ramona encourages listeners to tap the passion power within to live their dreams without fear. People often say to me since I started my chocolate business in 2011, “you are so courageous.”  I don’t think I was brave at all… more frazzled than anything else. I was/am just using the gifts God has given me and walking in what I believe to be my calling at this point in my life, which allows me to share joy with others. On my journey, I’ve met and admired many others who are pursuing their dreams and living their deepest passion in incredible ways, all while beating tremendous odds and roadblocks. They continue to move me and I, in turn, want to use their experiences—and a few of my own—to inspire and motivate others to embrace their dreams, use their gifts, and follow their hearts. Listen to Chocolate for the Soul with Ramona live Mondays at 4 pm CT on, Facebook, YouTube, and


About your host, Ramona

Ramona is a new radio talk show host on (Mondays at 4 pm CT).  She is the founder and Chief Sweets Officer of My Chocolate Soul®, a Chicago-based sweets company that specializes in amazing, all-natural, artisan chocolates.  The business grew out of her love of baking and sweets, especially chocolate.  Ramona had baked for 20 years but the initial idea for starting the business came after taking an introduction to French pastries course.  She felt so at home in a commercial kitchen that she immediately began thinking about how to spend more time in one doing what she really loved.  With an initial plan, her savings, some formal training, and a lot of support from family and friends, she left her career in education and launched the business in January 2011. Before transitioning to the dessert industry, Ramona had an entrepreneurial career in education and philanthropy for 18 years. She holds a B.S. in Applied Mathematics from Brown University and a Ph.D. in Higher Education from the University of Pennsylvania.  Ramona is a Bronx native who cherishes her family and friends.  She loves a good dessert, rain forests, and traveling to new places.

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