My Chocolate Soul® grew out my love of baking and chocolate, and my frustration with long dessert labels with tons of crappy ingredients. After taking a French pastries course in 2010 that literally changed my life, I set out to create a sweets business that makes a wide variety of amazing-tasting, all-natural chocolates. Our products range from truffles to layered candy bars. We make every item with all-natural ingredients, beginning with the finest chocolate, and we make them fresh to enjoy now, not sit in a box on a shelf. We follow a French, less-is-more approach to chocolate making resulting in delicious flavor profiles.

Our clients range from Fortune 500 companies to small businesses and nonprofit organizations. We also work with planners and producers for high-profile and special events. For example, our chocolates were featured in the 2014 ESPYs and 2015 NBA All-Star VIP gift bags. We create luxurious sweet experiences through various products and services including chocolate gifts, customized event favors, dessert catering, marketing and promotional items, and other concierge services. In short, we serve people and I hope we have an opportunity to serve you.


Ramona S. Thomas

Chief Sweets Officer