Pairing Chocolate with Wine

Clients occasionally ask us to do chocolate and wine tastings for events or to help them match some of our chocolates with wine they plan to serve at an event or celebration.  This often sparks delightful conversations about chocolate and wine, and what goes well together.  Funny, a few of my foodie friends don't care.  As far as they're concerned, any chocolate, any wine, any time of the day is a perfect combination.  But that's actually not true: there is a methodology for pairing chocolate and wine.

As we enter Fall and many of you prepare to host or attend events and celebrations, we thought we'd share some easy-to-remember tips for pairing chocolate with wine.

  • Pair wine with chocolate that is equally as sweet.
  • Select high-quality chocolate.
  • Pair chocolate and wine based on color (i.e., pair dark chocolate with dark wine, etc.).
  • If doing a chocolate and wine tasting, start with light and move towards dark.

Click here to download the chocolate-wine pairing chart we use.

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